Oh dear.  The page you're looking for isn't here - we're really sorry about that.

The most likely reason for you seeing this page is that Google indexed a page on our website that we have since renamed or deleted.  So Google is essentially pointing you to a page that isn't there.

We put this website together ourselves (with the help of the great people at Squarespace), and have made loads of little tweaks and changes to it. Unfortunately, our ongoing tinkering does confuse search engines from time to time.

Never fear - our website is pretty small (at the moment), so whatever you're looking for can be found at the following links:

  • Homepage (with our welcome note, a staff description, and a brief summary of our Twitter feed)
  • Our team (with photos, bios, and contact emails and telephone numbers for all of us)
  • A contact page (with our address, telephone numbers, and a simple contact form)

If you still can't find what you need, just drop us an email and we'll be in touch shortly.


Potter IP Limited