Most businesses think of IP as registered patents and trade marks, but there are many more tools in the IP kit that may add significant commercial advantage, sometimes at no cost at all. This Auckland based programme is designed to expand your business’s understanding of all IP tools available more

This Auckland based programme is designed to expand your business’s understanding of all IP tools available to give the knowledge, capability and confidence to leverage your intellectual property and intellectual assets for accelerated growth. The programme is delivered in a way that positively encourages adoption of the programme learnings into business-as-usual.


What our programme includes

1. A full day (8 hour) workshop using real world, practical examples for up to 5 participants that aims to educate your business by:

  • Providing an overview of IP concepts to develop an understanding of all intellectual property rights (not just the registered ones);
  • Understanding how different IP rights interrelate with each other; and
  • Learning how business, R&D and IP strategies fit together and can drive each other.

2. A follow-up session (approx. 3 hours) building on the skills learnt in the workshop to identify how IP rights apply specifically to your business. You will take away current and future IP snapshots illustrating your IP position and direction.

At the conclusion of the programme your business should have the confidence and understanding to make its OWN informed IP decisions rather than relying upon and paying others to do it for them.

This programme is suitable for CEOs, founders, executives, board members, senior management, investors, marketing personnel and other IP decision makers in a range of businesses, from start-ups to larger businesses with up to 50 employees.

The workshop and follow-up session are held at our Auckland city based office and include a bound copy of the course materials for each participant to take away. The date for the full day workshop to be agreed upon confirmation of the booking.

Costs is $7,500 plus GST. Click here to see if you are eligible for a NZTE Grant. 



To make a booking please contact Jane McHenry on 099757855 or to discuss your training needs.