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We specialise in training businesses to fully maximise their IP. We work with you to determine your IP Architecture; your overarching approach to intellectual property. We have lawyers and qualified patent attorneys on staff; we have the background, expertise and experience to help businesses build their IP capability. 

After successfully leading Callaghan Innovation's Innovation IP programme, we have been chosen as a preferred specialist Innovation IP provider. To work with us as your specialist Innovation IP provider (funded by Callaghan Innovation) click here.

Potter IP has also been selected by NZTE as a Regional Development Partner to help businesses with their IP. To work with us as your Regional Development Partner (funded by NZTE). To find out more click here



Don't just take our word for it, here is what some of the companies who have attended our programme have said about us



    We believe in empowering New Zealand businesses. We give each business the

    to leverage their own intellectual property and intellectual assets. We don’t think you need to consult (and pay) an outside expert each time a decision is required.



    Potter IP believes businesses should make IP decisions themselves.  There is limited benefit in engaging external IP consultants to make those decisions for them.  Having others making these decisions does not provide business with the knowledge or capability to leverage their IP in a way that assists their business.

    Our role is to:

    1. Educate the business so it has an adequate understanding of IP and the interrelationships between IP rights to allow informed decision making.
    2. Assist the business in gathering information on its own business and R&D that is relevant to making decisions on intellectual property-related rights and risks.
    3. Facilitate the decision making process, critically questioning the business on options and approach, to ensure well informed decisions.
    4. Document decisions and action plans: if reports are needed, we can provide these.  But they come at the end of the process, not at the start.
    5. Provide specialist assistance on implementation.  Some of the detailed decisions and processes need input from experts.
    6. Help you to work with the IP specialists who you need for individual projects, if you need this.
    7. Provide on-going mentoring, if needed.



    We think the “you don’t need to understand your IP because we can do it for you” approach is wrong – it is designed to fit the business models of IP providers, rather than to provide the most useful IP related assistance to NZ business.

    When assisting a business in need of developing its IP capability, our process involves four separate and distinct stages:

    1. UnderstandThe business learns key concepts relating to IP, and how these fit with their business and R&D strategies.    
    2. Identify: The business creates a map of their territory as it relates to IP – observing what is happening in their industry and their business as it relates to IP and diagnosing the business’ IP issues/challenges.  
    3. Articulate: The business articulates its approach to IP, and overcoming the obstacles or harvesting the opportunities identified during diagnosis.   This is used to channel actions in particular directions and not in others.   This is a key deliverable, in a form clearly and concisely articulated and is appropriate for review/approval at Board level.  
    4. Align: The business learns to match their IP approach to their existing IP, to determine how to align these, and then implement this alignment.  
    5. Integrate: The business learns to integrate their approach to IP into their day to day business and R&D.  IP moves from simply supporting the business and its R&D, to finding ways that IP can drive the direction of R&D and business strategy.

    You can engage us to work one-on-one with your business and guide you through one or more of these stages, depending on your needs and on resources.



    • We help at a high level, rather than selling patent services (searching or filing) – we deliberately don’t do that work so you can be confident of our independence. Where it fits with your strategy, we arrange for technology specific experts (we know the NZ industry backwards) to do that work for you.
    • We also have no intention of interfering with any existing relationships you may have with IP providers.  
    • And if you don't have an IP advisor, we'll help you find the right one - whether in New Zealand or overseas.



    Some businesses may be eligible for funding for their IP strategy and capability building work with us, from NZTE via the Capability Voucher Scheme or through Innovation IP run by Callaghan Innovation. Look up the NZTE scheme here, the Callaghan Innovation scheme here, or feel free to contact us for further details. 

     Click on either of the images below to find out more and to see whether you may be eligible for funding. 



    Work with us as your specialist Innovation IP provider (funded by Callaghan Innovation). To find out more click here



    Regional Development Partner (NZTE)

    Work with us as your Regional Development Partner (funded by NZTE). To find out more click here


    Contact Alan Potter or Dr Jane McHenry to discuss your needs