Innovation IP

Innovation IP is a programme designed to give you the understanding, skills and confidence to manage and protect your own intellectual property (IP) and assets to reduce risk and enable growth.



Who we are

  • A boutique IP law and strategy firm with deep IP, technical and business experience.
  • Potter IP specialises in providing IP related capability building to New Zealand businesses, including assisting with the development of Guiding Strategic IP Frameworks and Implementation Plans.
  • You’ll only work with our senior expert IP lawyers and attorneys.

Established Innovation IP programme

  • Over 50 businesses chose us under the Innovation IP pilot programme.
  • Scroll down to see some of the feedback from the clients that we have worked with in our IP Strategy programme. 



We empower you

  • Think of us as your Sherpas – experienced guides and teachers who do some heavy lifting so that you make good IP decisions and maximise your chances of business success.
  • We don’t climb the mountain for you – it’s still your IP journey!
  • We adjust to suits your needs, small or large, long term or immediate. 



No hidden agendas

  • We are fiercely independent - we have considerable patent expertise but deliberately don’t search, draft or file patents.
  • If you’re happy with your patent attorneys, we will support rather than interfere with that relationship.
  • We’ll only refer you to experts we trust and who we believe are a good fit for you and your tech.
  • We help you until you don’t need us any more, then get out of the way.



Don't just take our word for it, here is what some of the companies who have attended our programme have said about us

  • “From Adherium’s perspective, this programme has been outstanding. Through it we have taken our IP to the next level.”  Garth Sutherland, CEO Adherium
  • “This is not a programme around IP, it is about business strategy where IP is a key element.” Warwick Downing, CEO Rapid Advanced Manufacturing (RAM 3D)
  • “Very useful and practical overview of IP and IP strategy." Dmitry Selitzky, CEO Thought-Wired
  • “Great course, nice balance of theory and takeaways we can use in our business right now. Well worth the time and effort to attend even when we are in a busy phase.” Andrea Miller, CEO Breathe Easy
  • “Sentient has been able to increase its development and test throughput without increasing headcount, along with implementing an incremental plan of change across the business reducing the risk of IP walking out the door by creating solid Structural IP (knowledge, process and systems) to enable retention of IP along with being able to support induction of new employees.” Steve O’Neill, CEO Sentient Software
  • “It is a great programme with great people involved. Very informative- the holistic ideas and broader strategies highlighted that IP is dynamic and multi-faceted. A must for any company looking to scale internationally.” Software Start-up Founder
  • “We liked the practical and informative approach, key tips and acknowledgement that IP strategy must fit business strategy.” NZX Listed Company CEO
  • “The combined workshop/seminar format worked well, including and discussing examples from our businesses was very useful” and “Comprehensive view of IP strategy - not just patents!” Medtech Exporter, Founder
  • “The process provided clarity around IP process and applicable strategy” Simon Croft, CEO Encounter Solutions
  • "Potter IP ran an outstanding Innovation IP program. They were passionate and articulate about intellectual property with a clear understanding that IP forms an integral but nevertheless inseparable component of running a business and must be approached from a holistic perspective. They presented clear and interesting case studies that provided a great overview of the different types of IP And how they could be applied. Their collaborative style of interaction was both engaging in the seminar sessions, enabled highly relevant and productive one-on-one follow up sessions, and was empowering without being prescriptive. Irrespective of the stage of company development, I highly recommend Potter IP's program as a foundation course for any IP-sensitive company." Todd Gisby, CTO & Co-founder, StretchSense
  • Potter IP provided both an approachable & enjoyable introductory session as well as an extremely useful couple of specific sessions. I found them to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable in a wide range of IP specialties. It was a pleasure experiencing these sessions knowing their goal was to guide our understanding of IP strategy, and not try and on-sell other services. I would be very interested in experiencing an advanced in-depth session in any form of formal IP that they may choose to run in the future." Sarah Jennings, R&D Manager StretchSense
  • “The training session Alan and Jane delivered at the beginning of the programme was excellent.  It was unusual in that it catered so well for the mix of IP experiences in the teams, from absolute novices to those with a more advanced understanding of IP.  I particularly enjoyed how the presentation wove different strands of IP and business cases into directly applicable, dynamic and long-term strategic advice.” Paulina Luczynska, IP Manager Adherium


IP strategy formulation: Workshop over one and a half days, with optional modular extensions where more assistance is needed


1. Pre-workshop background information gathering

Includes objective setting and on-line  participant information questionnaire







2. Full day IP capability building workshop

A full day workshop using real world, practical examples to help you:

  • Understand all IP rights (not just the registered ones),
  • How different IP rights interrelate; and
  • How business/R&D/IP strategies fit together and can drive each other




3. Half day, business specific strategy developmenT session

To identify how IP rights apply specifically to your business and development of your IP Strategy & Implementation plan




4. Optional extensions and one-on-one sessionS modules available If needed

Two options:

  • Extra half day sessions to complete the process for more complex businesses/issues
  • Fixed 6 month IP capability/mentoring hotline and suite of supporting documents



Your investment in the process:

  • One and a half days with your IP leadership team - we use your valuable time wisely
  • From $7,500 plus GST (small groups who travel to us) or $9,500 plus GST (if we travel to you)

Your deliverables include your:

  • Intellectual Capital/Intellectual Asset snapshot showing levels of business importance
  • IP Snapshot of your current IP mix and bundle of IP rights
  • Guiding Strategic IP Framework and Implementation Plan



  • $7,500 for core programme (small groups of up to 5 where you travel to us)
  • $9,500 for core programme (we travel to you anywhere in NZ)
  • $1,500 per half day for extra support modules
  • $2,000 for 6 month IP Capability/Mentoring Hotline including suite of supporting documents